LA and Barbados by Nick Ede, Life style Fashion and Media Expert

10 Sep 2010, by WebPurity Admin
About 3 years ago on GMTV Lorraine Kelly’s show, Nick Ede announced that our Travelwraps were what all the Supermodels were wearing, I am not sure that they were (…at the time, obviously) but we got lots of anxious phone calls wanting to know which one Kate had. Nick is one of those lovely chaps whose very e mails I enjoy opening..…. sharp, sensitive and  hilarious…Nick also gets to indulge (all work of course) in all that London partying/celeb stuff that those of us with 6 children in the country can only dream of….but at least we get to dip into it all in his fast moving witty blog! Nick’s day job is as a Lifestyle, Fashion and Media expert who runs a London-based consumer PR Agency called EdenCancan…busy chap! When Niamh asked me to write a piece for her brilliant blog I wanted to talk about my experiences with my Travelwrap! I have recently been on two wonderful trips with friends and on each occasion I have used a Travelwrap. The first was to LA to visit Kelly Osbourne as she was starring in Dancing with the Stars the huge US version of Strictly Come Dancing. I was travelling in economy on this occasion and I really felt the cold and instead of the bog standard blankets America Airlines offer you I brought out my Travelwrap which not only looked luxurious it was! I had a brilliant sleep and was all refreshed for my quick stateside trip… when I met with Kelly on set I gave her a good luck present of a My Little Travelwrap in oatmeal which she loved and still uses it all the time on travel. The show was brilliant and Kelly ended up a worthy runner up… I love L.A. many people don’t – however the energy and also the laid back attitude coupled with the fantastic weather make it a really wonderful destination. Its not only about spotting your favourite Hollywood landmark there are so many sides to it from the Hispanic culture to the surfer dudes on Venice beach…. I stay at the Mondrian in west Hollywood when I visit with the Sky Bar where once my friend on Valentines kissed her for hours and we referred to him as GOD!! It turned out to be Ashton Kutcher My second Travelwrap experience was when I went to Barbados with my dear friend Sarah Harding and her fiancé Tom Crane. As a gift for the journey I gave them both a pair of Travelwrap socks they loved them and as we relaxed in the plane we all wore them and sipped champagne preparing for our trip. Don’t worry I wasn’t a gooseberry I had the wonderful Tina with me who was a brilliant companion. We stayed at one of the most romantic hotels I have ever been to called The House Hotel – it was near Bridgetown and we spent the best holiday of my life there.

Bathsheba, Barbados. by Lorna Hunte Public Relations Consultant, The Travelwrap Company

13 Jul 2010, by WebPurity Admin
Lorna has one of the most impressive little black books in the PR industry. I would like to think it is not difficult to get the media to say lovely things about our cashmere Travelwraps but I think without Lorna they may not be making quite so much noise! She lives in London with her husband, Chris and little girl Rhia. Its Bathsheba, Barbados …. We went there in 1999, Rhia was all but 1 year old – the right age when kids under 1 went free, but the wrong age for her to recall anything! It was our first time as a family traveling back home to Chris’s birthplace and where his family now reside having returned home in 1997 for good. It was one of the first sights that absolutely took my breath away. It’s situated on the east coast of Barbados and one can travel to it from any other part of the island within a few hours as you can travel the whole of the country in one day! It’s famously known as Bathsheba, the wife of Kind David as she bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. Legend has it that the surf covered white waters of Bathsheba, rich in minerals and life is said to resemble Bathsheba’s bath in both appearance and health giving value! Wide white sand beaches stretch along a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations, broken away from ancient coral reef, against which the Atlantic rollers break in cascades of foam. The area has pretty fishing villages, home to a small community of fishing folk and their families always available to entice you in their culture and beautiful surroundings, local rum shops, sea-view restaurants and on the outskirts flourishing botanical gardens with an array of bright floral colours and foliage.


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