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Travelwrap reconditioning service

Cashmere, for all its luxurious qualities is a natural and delicate fibre which needs to be looked after.
(See Cashmere Care details below).

Cashmere fibres may, over time, produce some pilling and suffer some wear and tear around the edges. Our Mill in Scotland can professionally recondition your Travelwrap by removing any pilling and hand finishing any loose yarns.

This personal reconditioning service can be purchased as a voucher. When you have completed the purchase, you will be invited to download the reconditioning voucher. Just fill in the voucher with the required details and return your Travelwrap to us for reconditioning. Travelwrap reconditioning voucher

Travelwrap reconditioning service terms & conditions
1. Each voucher is valid for one Travelwrap only.
2. The Reconditioning Voucher is valid for a year from date of purchase
3. Travelwrap(s) for reconditioning should be sent to: Reconditioning, The Travelwrap Company, 6 Copse Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6ET
4. We cannot be held responsible for Travelwraps that do not reach us so we strongly recommend that a Proof of Postage certificate (at no extra cost) is obtained from the Post Office.
5. The customer is responsible for any costs incurred in returning the Travelwrap(s) for reconditioning, however, our service includes return postage costs.
6. Reconditioning of your Travelwrap may sometimes involve repairs by hand so please allow up to 6 weeks for return of your Travelwrap(s).
7. If the Travelwrap is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in our care, we will either replace it with the same or similar product or, if that is not possible, with a product from our range to an equal or greater value of the original purchase.

Cashmere care

Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. Knitwear made from cashmere requires care and attention. After some wear, small balls of fibre or 'pills' may form on the surface of knitted cashmere These are quite normal and are simply loose fibres tangling together where the Travelwrap has been rubbed. They can easily be removed by hand, with a cashmere comb or a ‘defuzzit’ device. Once removed, your Travelwrap will actually become softer.

Handwashing cashmere

Cashmere knitwear can be handwashed or dry-cleaned. We recommend handwashing your Travelwrap.

Handwash in luke warm water (35C). Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, rinse the Travelwrap in cool clean water, squeezing gently without twisting or wringing. A short light spin in a spin dryer will help remove most of the water.

Travelwraps can also be washed in the machine in a very gentle or 'handwash' cycle. Like all good cashmere it will get softer as it gets older.

Dry naturally and when dry, press lightly with a cool iron.

Do not tumble dry.

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