What do you wear on a long-haul flight? We’re betting it’s not six-inch heels and a scowl – in which case, you’ll never make British Airways’ Best Dressed Traveller List. This year’s winner is Victoria Beckham and she never sets foot on a plane without either.

The list has been drawn up by the airline and Elizabeth Saltzman, Hollywood fashion stylist and Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair. But given that the runners-up included Amal Clooney, Kendall Jenner and Angelina Jolie, of more practical use for us lesser mortals, we think, are Elizabeth’s top tips for looking stylish when travelling. Here’s what she says:

1. Travel with clean, well-moisturised skin. I swear by Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (available to buy through British Airways’ High Life Shop) and Shiseido Eye Mask.

2. I like to tie my hair up on a plane. I think it gets less static and less dirty that way, and if I twist it up into a bun I can let it out when I deplane – it’s like an instant blow-dry effect. If you have to go straight to a meeting use ‘Frederic Fekkai Dry Shampoo’ for a quick freshen-up.

3.  Reset your watch and try to eat and sleep in sync with your new time zone as soon as you board. Immerse yourself in that film you’ve always wanted to see. British Airways has an exceptional catalogue of entertainment.

4. Bring a bag that isn’t too big to carry and that doesn’t unbalance your shoulders. The last thing you need is a crater-sized knot in your back! Chose something simple and streamlined, like the Michael Kors Collection Large Leather Tote; or opt for a little whimsy with the Tory Burch Penn Applique Canvas Tote.5. Everyone should travel with a scarf in their bag. Great for warmth on the plane, they can be used as a blanket for your children or hoodie or neck warmer. I also love them during my trip to change up an outfit, it can be a sarong or an evening shawl. We say: Forget the scarf and go for a Travelwrap from our Brights collection (pictured above: Lovebird).

6. Clothing is only part of looking good at the airport but feeling healthy only makes you look better. I love vitamins and vitamin boosters, Berocca is a saviour as is Bee Prepared.

7. Everyone seems to have a phone, iPad or laptop in their hand at some point while travelling. Accessorising your electronics shows off your personal style. My favourite way to accessorise is with the Anya Hindmarch permanent stickers, every designer seems to have a fun phone case at the moment.

8. A quick touch-up before landing. Lips, bronzer and concealer are all you need. My personal favourites are the Tom Ford bronzer, Trish McEvoy concealer and Charlotte Tilbury’s Kissing Lipstick in pale pink. Make sure you have a small bottle of your favourite fragrance too.

9. Use your time wisely. Get some rest. Use the flight as a mini-vacation. You’re away from your emails, you have the luxury of not being bothered for a few solid hours so de-stress with a colouring book for adults.