Travelwrap founder Niamh Barker knows how to work a trend. The rise and rise of loungewear is a case in point. Knitted hoodies, sweatshirts and track pants have become ubiquitous during lockdown when working from home became the new normal.

But Niamh wanted to move the dial when it came to the kind of gear that was super comfortable to ultra-stylish in terms of quality and design. That’s why she commissioned cashmere tops and matching pants in two luscious colours, Durisdeer plum and Stromness blue – both colours inspired by the stunning landscape of Scotland where Travelwrap cashmere is knitted.

Can Loungewear be worn outside?

“I know it is important to have loungewear that is resilient enough to stand up to travel, working from home and an active life at the weekend. But I also wanted pieces that would look good if you wanted to wear them to brunch at a luxury hotel.

“At Travelwrap we are all about comfort, craft and quality. Our cashmere loungewear tops and pants tick all those boxes. These are on another level from most loungewear. The fleecy stitching is just gorgeous, and the colours are sublime.

“We like to re-enforce our Celtic heritage at every opportunity and the decision to launch our own luxury loungewear was a great opportunity to further enhance our exceptional cashmere, made in Scotland and inspired by the colours of the unique scenery along the coast and deep into the countryside.

“I love these new pieces. These are really well made, elegant and represent real investment dressing. As winter draws in, they are the ultimate in Scottish hygge.”

Why is Loungewear popular?

Our lives have changed so much since Covid. Many of us work from home and wearing the right gear is not just a pleasure, it supports a mindset that says whether you are working from your study or the kitchen you don’t have to look like you don’t care. Cutting a dash is important even when WFM has become a way of life.

It is clear also that workwear been transformed by the challenges of Covid. Few people want to return to the days of restrictive tailoring when they have the option to don clothes that add ease while looking like they mean business. Nothing says I am at the top of my game more than cashmere loungewear pants teamed with a cosy knitted wrap in an iconic design.

How to style your Loungewear

And when you step out at the weekend, we know you want to stay stylishly visible. No-one wants to disappear into the background. Our mantra has always been about the art of comfort but with no compromise on outstanding design. So why not choose luxury loungewear that says something about who you are and what you stand for; intelligent style worn with an elegant approach to life.

As we move into our coldest months the most effective way to stay cosy is to layer up. So why not combine our loungewear with a lovely cashmere blanket shawl. We can’t think of a better way to face these challenging times. After all, there is nothing like the warm embrace of Scottish cashmere, some scented candles and a good book to make the dark evenings an opportunity for rest and repose.