Are you a social butterfly or a control freak? For a successful fitness holiday, try matching it to your personality, suggests Health and Fitness Travel.Absolute Sanctuary Fitness, ThailandThe Go-Getter

Favourite workouts HIIT, spinning, triathlon

Go-Getters are intense individuals and tend to be externally motivated therefore respond well to specific training plans to reach personal goals, such as improving fitness or losing weight. Types of exercise activity that suit Go-Getters include high-intensity training, cardio conditioning and competitive sports. Their need for results can often leave Go-Getters impatient and frustrated, so a very specific, time-sensitive and action-oriented approach to exercise is recommended. Top three healthy holidays Absolute Sanctuary Fitness, Thailand (above); Tri St Lucia Triathlon, St Lucia; Target Fitness Get Fit Fast, UK.Santani Yoga, Sri LankaThe Planner

Favourite workouts Yoga, Pilates, running

Often more on the introvert side of the spectrum, this personality type enjoys physical activities where there is an emphasis on mind-body connection, involving little risk. Planners tend to favour solo activities and the list of suitable exercise can extend to anything that can be enjoyed alone, from yoga to running. Planners tend to gravitate towards familiar and comfortable exercises therefore incorporating new techniques and challenges into their routine is key. Top three healthy holidays Santani Yoga, Sri Lanka (above); Shanti Som Pilates Retreat, Spain; Shreyas Silent Retreat, India.The Body Camp, SpainThe Social Butterfly

Favourite workouts Beach volleyball, fitness boot camps, racquet sports

Social Butterflies tend to embody a positive energy and have a flexible approach to exercise therefore are keen to try new things – so long as it involves social interaction. Group fitness classes and team sports are best suited to these individuals, especially if they are fun and energetic. Social Butterflies also tend to have a competitive streak and are often motivated by external factors, such as achievement, recognition and praise. Top three healthy holidays The Body Camp, Spain (above); The BodyHoliday September Solos, St Lucia; Wildfitness Crete, Greece.Red Mountain Essential Fitness, USAThe Adventurer

Favourite workouts Mountain trekking, surfing, canyoning

Whether zip-lining through forests or white-water rafting, Adventurers live off the adrenaline rush and often favour outdoor activities. While they are determined to get results, Adventurers tend to be impulsive and find it difficult to maintain a prescribed fitness regime. These individuals require plenty of variety and new challenges to keep them motivated. Top three healthy holidays Red Mountain Essential Fitness, USA (above); Zighy Bay Sense of Adventure, Oman; Discover Recover, Costa Rica.Galo Fusion Fitness, PortugalThe Chameleon

Favourite workouts A mix of everything

Chameleons find themselves both introverted and extroverted, optimist and pessimist, depending on their mood and your environment. They love working up a sweat and making new friends in a group class, as much as they enjoy turning their attention inwards while practising yoga. They say variety is the spice of life and for the Chameleon, this rings most true, with a balanced and varied exercise regime being essential. Top three healthy holidays Galo Fusion Fitness™, Portugal (above); BodyHoliday, St Lucia; Kamalaya Fusion Fitness™, Thailand.