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How to have a happy holiday

Posted in HEALTH + WELLBEING By Maggie O' Sullivan

Image: Alex Bertha/Unsplash

Long-haul specialists Hayes & Jarvis has collaborated with some of Britain’s leading health organisations to create The Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation, a free downloadable PDF which offers 24 tips by leading experts to help travellers unwind on holiday. It makes fascinating reading.Image: Haley Phelps/Unsplash

For many of us, it seems, the problem starts before we even leave home. Says Pilates & Personal Wellness Coach Jeannie Di Bon, ‘People tend to push themselves right before a holiday, as they know they're about to have a break, but this is the worst thing you can do. It'll take you twice as long to unwind once you reach your destination if you arrive exhausted.’Image: Zack Minor/Unsplash

As Clinical Hypnotherapist Michelle Atkin points out, many of us get hyped up about a perfect holiday then feel depressed when things don’t go to plan. ‘So letting go of any expectations and being flexible can really help to keep things calm on holiday,’ she says. ‘Be flexible in what you plan. Make time to be apart. Be present in the moment.’

Image: Chris Kristiansen/Unsplash

Life & Motivation Coach Maria Hocking suggests we make the hotel pool our first port of call. 'Swimming…helps to clear the mind, as focus is needed to coordinate the strokes and the breath, leaving little space for thoughts of work or deadlines. Also, the link between water and stress reduction is well documented.’ She says. Don’t like swimming? ‘Many studies again show a reduction in cortisol levels after not only being immersed in water, but simply by spending time near water,’ says Maria.Image: Juliette Leufke/Unsplash

Or roll out that yoga mat. Says Courtenay Pipkin, founder of Warrior & Wild Yoga Studio. ‘Even a short 20-minute practice can get the blood flowing, the muscles stretching and the body moving to avoid any stiffness on those long plane or car journeys, providing a refreshing energy boost to keep that jet-lag at bay.’ Image: Tobias Tullius/Unsplash

Other practical tips in this useful guide include leaving your mobile phone in your room, being mindful of alcohol intake, setting aside time to do nothing, participating in activities that involve creativity, such as photography, and remembering to tune into the beautiful things around you. Who knows  – The Four Pillars of Relaxation might just turn your next break into the holiday of a lifetime.


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