Our beautiful cashmere wraps are delivered all over the world

We pride ourselves not just on the fine craftsmanship of our luxury travel wraps, but on the level of service we offer, with delivery worldwide.

Each of our wraps is handcrafted with love, and can be personalised as a gift to yourself or to someone special. Our pure cashmere wraps can be monogrammed, and we can even add a date to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding day, wedding anniversary or birth of a child (all popular gift choices). Your wrap can then be sent anywhere in the world. It will arrive perfectly presented in our signature tissue-lined, black and Celtic green box. You can also choose to have your travel wrap gift-wrapped, for which we use the finest wrapping paper with complementing grosgrain ribbon.

And finally, to help keep your pure cashmere travel wrap in peak condition, we offer a reconditioning and repair service that uses the specialist skills of our cashmere experts in Scotland. Their knowledge and expertise can bring your well-loved cashmere back to life again. Again, this service is available wherever you live in the world.

To truly appreciate the superb quality of our cashmere, though, you have to touch it. Once you have, we know you’ll be as passionate about it as we are!


How is our cashmere made?

Our luxury cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, where our mill has been buying sustainably sourced fibre from the same farms for many years.

Winters are extremely harsh in this part of the world, but the cold weather has one benefit at least: it stimulates growth of the goats’ coats from which cashmere is harvested. The colder the winter, the longer the goats’ hair grows and the better the harvest.

When spring comes, the raw cashmere fibre is harvested from the goats’ soft, downy undercoat. Most of the coat is made up of coarser, protective ‘guard’ hair, which has to be painstakingly separated out from the lovely soft hair underneath.

And that’s only the beginning of the story: the cashmere in our wraps goes through at least 25 more processes before it is finally rinsed in Highland water – which is what makes our cashmere so soft – and gently dried.


Cashmere can seem expensive until you realise how long it takes to produce. To give you an idea of just how ‘slow’ cashmere is, did you know that it takes around five goats an entire year to produce enough cashmere for just one sweater?

Any product that takes this long to create deserves to be turned into something beautiful that will be loved for years to come.

We are often asked why our luxury cashmere is more expensive than cashmere made in China. The answer is simple: Chinese manufacturers tend to produce cashmere for the mass market so they use the shorter and less pristine fibres, which are cheaper. We only ever use the longer, more costly fibres.

Cheaper cashmere is often treated with a softener, which means it soon loses its initial luxurious feel. Pilling is also more of a problem because the knit is looser. This means that cheap cashmere products usually have a very short lifespan.

In comparison, if properly looked after, our cashmere will last you for many years, and even gets softer and better with age.

You’ve probably also noticed that cheaper cashmere usually comes in ‘flat’ colours. We believe colour is every bit as important as softness: our vivid dyes are often combinations of up to six colours, giving our cashmere a depth and intensity you won’t find anywhere else.

To appreciate the superb quality of our cashmere, though, you have to touch it. Once you have, we know you’ll be as passionate about it as we are!