The Travelwrap Company was born in 2007 when founder Niamh Barker came up with the idea of creating beautiful wraps from pure Scottish cashmere.

In 2007, our female founder Niamh took an over-night flight for work. The airline blanket felt hard and was worn and Niamh longed for the comfort of her home - she missed her young patchwork family including her husband and six children. On the flight, the idea of a ‘special blanket’ for grown ups was born. A little bit of home from home.

Niamh bought her first 100% cashmere sweater as a student and neither forgot its soft and lasting luxury nor its label ‘Made in Scotland’. After coming up with the ‘special blanket’ concept Niamh was unsure what to call the new business ‘travel blanket’ sounded utilitarian, where she saw cosy elegance. Today, the term ‘Travelwrap’ is used widely in the industry. But beware of cheap copies: there’s only one true travelwrap.


Of course, not all cashmere is created equal. Travelwrap strives for ecological excellence.

Our ‘Grade A’ cashmere – the longest, finest fibres - is sourced sustainably from Mongolian farmers and knitted in Scotland. Johnstons of Elgin has been creating cashmere collections since 1851. The care and craftsmanship of their Highland heritage is woven into every piece: tradition meets textile technology.

Our Scottish mill dyes the deepest, lasting tints that allow for our unrivalled colour palette in our collection. As a finishing touch, every travelwrap is rinsed in Scottish spring water, which renders it beautifully soft.

Travelwrap is timeless, our product palette offers a myriad of cashmere travelwraps in countless colours, designs, knits, and weights. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.