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Who's for a green coffee massage?

Posted in HEALTH + WELLBEING By Maggie O' Sullivan

Do you always choose the same treatments from the spa menu? Then maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. Health and Fitness Travel has compiled a list of the world’s most unusual spa therapies.

I’ve heard of Chavutti Thirumal massage, also known as Indian rope massage, above, but never seen it on a spa menu. The treatment claims to release muscular tension, stretch the body and improve circulation and energy flow. How? Essentially by the therapist walking up and down your back. He holds on to a rope for balance and to adjust pressure, then uses his feet to deliver a stronger, deeper massage. Ouch. Sign up at The BodyHoliday in St Lucia. Seven nights at from £3,330 per person or £3,350 single occupancy. Price includes all-inclusive accommodation, a de-stress programme, return flights and transfers. pool at Lefay SPA, Lake GardaMoxibustion Chinese Therapy involves the burning of mugwort, a small medicinal herb, on various acupuncture points and energy pathways around the body. Before it burns the skin, the herb is extinguished, leaving a pleasant sensation of heat. This treatment strengthens the blood, stimulates energy levels and boosts the results of other therapies. Have it at Lefay SPA above, overlooking Italy's Lake Garda. Five nights from £2,200 per person or £2,695 for single occupancy. Price includes full-board accommodation, spa programme, return flights and transfers.Green Coffee Sculpting is an energising body treatment focusing on the thighs, waist, tummy and bottom, aimed at breaking down fat cells, stimulating circulation and boosting metabolism. The treatment begins with dry skin brushing, followed by a massage with the thermogenic, salon-strength chilli and coffee oil. Try it in the Six Senses Spa at Zighy Bay, above, in Oman. Seven nights from £2,620 per person or £3,400 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, daily breakfast, a de-stress programme, return flights and transfers.Spa treatment at Porto Elounda, GreeceRed & Black Pepper Lipolysis uses the medicinal properties of red and black pepper to encourage the breakdown, or lipolysis, of fatty tissue. A combination of warm and cool techniques is used to tone the skin, followed by a firming massage to increase blood and lymph circulation which stimulates detoxification, to further enhance the treatment’s slimming properties. Does it work? Put it to the test at Porto Elounda, above, in Greece. Seven nights from £1,535 per person or £1,880 for single occupancy. Price includes half-board accommodation, half board, a spa programme, return flights and transfers.Meditation at SwaSwara, IndiaRemember when you were young and your mother told you never to put anything up your nose or in your ears? You'll have to make an exception for Nasya, an ancient Ayurvedic practice that encourages nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils, to clear sinus congestion and expel toxins from the head and neck region. Should help with the mindful breathing, too. Give it a go at SwaSwara, above, in the temple town of Gorkana, India. Seven nights from £3,115 per person or £3,790 for single occupancy. Price includes full-board accommodation, an Ayurveda programme, return flights and transfers.

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