While many of us dream of travelling the world with just a toothbrush and a passport, few of us actually do it. Here’s what the team at Travelwrap couldn’t leave home without.

Lucy Markby, Sales & Marketing Manager

Favourite Travelwrap: Bluestone

With three small children in tow, I don’t travel far these days. For us, it’s all about being on, in or by the sea, and seeking out quirky coastal hideaways to stay in. Keeping it simple means packing light enough for getting there to be fun, but adding a few essentials for feeling good, whatever the weather. My seaside must-haves include Dior’s Addict Ultra-Gloss which is a lip plumper and gloss all in one (gorgeous), a pair of shades (yes, we do get plenty of sun down on the south coast) and my beachy ‘Bluestone’ to bundle around the whole  as we watch the sun go down. Niamh Barker, Managing Director

Favourite Travelwrap: Escher Sphinx

My Travelwrap (of course); a bottle of water to keep me hydrated inflight, and my headphones so that I can listen to Headspace. My husband has meditated as long as I have known him but I never quite ‘got’ the meditating thing. Then about two years ago I read a book called Thrive by Arianna Huffington in which she recommended downloading the Headspace app. It has kick-started a daily mindfulness routine and improves my focus, creativity and my relationships. I wouldn’t be without it.Dawn Chumley, Operations and Finance Manager

Favourite Travelwrap: Summer Rose

As a long-standing long-haul addict, I head to Asia at any opportunity I get. After I’ve booked my flight, the first thing I do is buy a guidebook so that I can immerse myself in pre-holiday planning. The Lonely Planet series continues to be a dependable resource for the type of independent travel that I love. Once I’ve packed my guide book, everything else that goes into my backpack has to serve a clear purpose, and ideally be multi-purpose, which is why I never go anywhere without my trusty Travelwrap. It’s a pillow, a blanket, a bit of style if I need to dress up and a bit of home comfort when I’m far away. My mini ipad offers me access to news, bookings, staying in touch, sharing photos – saving space and keeping me informed when I’m on the go and when I’m chilling out.Maggie O’Sullivan, Blog Curator

Favourite Travelwrap: Delft Blue

My Kindle, so I always have something to read, a supply of wax earplugs (and they must be wax) so that no matter how noisy my hotel room, I can always sleep, and these scarlet silk brocade slippers with magnetic insoles by Holistic Silk. The idea is that the nodules massage your feet while the magnets improve circulation and help prevent DVT. I can’t swear they work, but the slippers are certainly better for padding about the aircraft than socks, they keep my feet warm on chilly night flights, and once, when I flew to Antigua but my luggage didn’t, I wore them to dinner. Isobel Klempka, Press Relations

Favourite Travelwrap: Potash

I try to travel light – and that includes my bag. After much experimentation I’ve settled for this Le Pliage tote by Longchamp: made from nylon canvas with leather straps and flap, it’s light as a feather and even when I’ve filled it with all the things I need for a flight, it still doesn’t feel heavy. It’s durable, so I don’t mind shoving it under the seat in front and using it as a foot rest or cramming it into the overhead locker, and when I’m not using it, it folds down to the size of a paperback. Speaking of which, I always pack at least one book – one of the few times I get to read is on a flight.