A Guide to travel wrap Collections

We specialise in cashmere travel wraps made in our Scottish mill by a highly skilled team, using the finest quality cashmere.

Our Classic travel wrap Collection, knitted to our original fine knit, lightweight travel wrap design, has the widest colour palette, each with a rich, distinctive single shade.

The other collections are differentiated by style of knit, weight, dimension and character. We hope that this diversity will allow you to find the travel wrap that is perfect for you or your someone special.

So that you can look through the collection’s character and specification with ease, we have summarised these for you below, starting with our weightiest travel wraps.

If you need any further help with styles and decisions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

[email protected] or +44 (0) 1425 623731 or you can contact us using our LIVE CHAT.

Collection name
The Knit
The Character
71 x 31 inches
22 ounces

2-ply knitted cashmere, double knitted on an 8 needle machine

Two tone, double weight knit in gentle earthy colours. Weighty softness.

71 x 31 inches
22 ounces

28 count cashmere yarn, knitted on a 5 needle machine

Chunky textured drape

71 x 30 inches
20 ounces

100% 6-ply purl knit

Chunky and warm with weighty drape.

71 x 35 inches
19 ounces

100% 2-ply cashmere 12 needle machine

Fine, smooth knit with frill border.

71 x 31 inches
18.1 ounces

3 ply knitted cashmere, knitted on an 8-needle machine

Fine knit interwoven with delicate twisted shimmer yarn

84.5 x 36 inches
17.6 ounces

3 ply knitted cashmere, knitted on an 8-needle machine

Our largest wrap with an elegant drape

71 x 31 inches
15.7 ounces

2 ply knitted cashmere, knitted on an 8-needle machine

Reversible wrap in weighty close knit

71 x 35.5 inches
14.4 ounces

2 ply 90% cashmere/10% silk with sequin yarn, knitted on an 8-needle machine

Bright, light reflecting elegance

71 x 35 inches
12.7 ounces

2 ply knitted cashmere, knitted on a 12-needle machine

Bold, geometric design

71 x 31 inches
11 ounces

100% 4-ply cashmere 5-needle

Chunky lace knitted wrap.

71 x 31 inches
10.6 ounces

28 count on an 8 needle machine

2ply 100% cashmere

71 x 31 inches
10.6 ounces

2 ply knitted cashmere 8 needle machine

Soft and beautifully warm

71 x 31 inches
10 ounces

3-ply cashmere blend (60% merino, 30% silk/10% cashmere) 12 needle

Silky, smooth lightweight shawl.

71 x 35.5 inches
9.5 ounces

100% 2 ply knitted cashmere 8-needle

Beautifully light, soft jersey knit




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